Voices of the Inside Passage

In our rapidly changing world and its climate, the various voices of the Inside Passage need to be heard. Howling wolves, grizzly bears, soaring eagles and killer whales are becoming drowned out by increasing marine traffic and expanding industries powered by urban demands. The people, whose lives depend on the coast, become immediate witnesses of the irreversible change and destruction. Coastal communities, wildlife and ecosystems experience this devastation first-hand.

Our team intends to listen and connect with diverse voices of the coast, which include stewards of the land, indigenous peoples, wildlife, researchers, photographers, naturalists, adventurers, fishermen, activists and explorers. Our plan is to document and amplify these voices through media while kayaking north to Glacier Bay.

Northern Resident Killer Whales in Johnstone Strait. Image taken with telephoto lens & cropped.

Stay tuned, we will upload pictures and a short description for every person we would like to talk to on our way north to Alaska!