11 thoughts on “Paddling North Film Preview”

  1. Rebecca, You are one amazing woman! As is Leonie, of course, but we don’t know her. Your preview brought tears to our eyes, really. Yes, in part because we are in San Diego right now, missing our spiritual home. But also because what the two of you have done is amazing, and the sentiment in the preview, the respect you show for the land, is very impressive. I can’t imagine what you will do next, but one thing is already certain….. you are a unique and impressive young woman.Warmly, Jeff and Janice


  2. A great Video! Sharing. Thank you for allowing Sheri and I to be a small part of yr adventure. Peace and Love. Bill Vinton.


  3. Flat out beautiful. Great editing. Can’t wait for the longer version. And can’t wait for Leoni to grace this coastline again! I want to see you two presenting the video and answering questions. May I propose the Wooden Boat Festival (early September in Port Townsend), or the Port Townsend Film Festival (October)? Or the AWF field station in Baranof! Congratulations again, you did it!


  4. Such a wonderful film. Beautiful photography. Brought back fond memories of my kayak-camping trips with Salt Spring’s Island Paddlers. Although my trips were limited to seven days, I learned that nothing compares to being out on the water in the middle of nowhere surrounded by silence and the beauty of nature. Being dependent upon no one but myself to get out of tricky situations added to the adventure. And who knew that packaged instant noodles could taste so good?

    Congratulations to you both on the completion of your adventure and for sharing it with so many.



  5. Great tease Rebecca and Leo! Can’t wait for the full-length feature. Beautiful, inspirational, and important! If there is anything we can do to help let us know.

    Cathy, Gordon, Linda, Laurie


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