Leg 8 – Fingers crossed! (Petersburg – Warm Springs Bay, Baranof Island)

Our time spent in Petersburg was worth every minute. We were stoked to meet up with Allana from KFSK Community Radio Petersburg to talk about the expedition and our intentions for the film (find radio interview here). Such a great experience to be on the other side of the microphone and answer questions. We stayed at our friend Josef’s place – thank you so much!


We left Petersburg on a calm and peaceful morning to make our way up Frederick Sound with the most amazing view of Glaciers and snow capped mountains on the mainland. We have been noticing that the landscape is changing as we paddle north; mountains are getting bigger and the vegetation is adapted to the colder climate. We are seeing less cedars and more devil’s club. The second/third growth forests are more open and mossy, hence offer great opportunities for camping.


Southwesterly winds allowed us to sail all the way up to Cape Fanshaw, the point where Frederick Sound takes a turn and Stephens Passage opens up to the east to continue north. We were weather bound on Whitney Island for a day (due to a small craft advisory), before we undertook our longest crossing so far – Whitney Island to the Five Finger Lighthouse, over the Brothers Islands and continuing to the southern shoreline of Admiralty Island (Total: 15 nm).



Frederick Sound definitely has a magical feel to it and seems to have an abundance of life – from the intertidal life to bull kelp and sea otter rafts to sea birds, sea lions, seals and whales. The scenery is breathtaking.


We finished leg 8 on Baranof Island, a bay called Warm Springs, where the most rewarding hot springs were waiting for us. What a treat to sit in the grotto right by the river and sip your morning coffee, while the bay is slowly waking up.


From here we will head up to Tenakee Inlet, portage over to Port Frederick and continue north to Gustavus, where we will enter Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve!

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