Leg 1 – And so it begins (Salt Spring Island to Quadra)

The Launch
We kicked off the expedition with a flotilla of kayakers from Southey Point, Salt Spring Island. We felt incredibly supported and happy to see familiar smiling faces. Huge thank you to everyone who came out!


Starting off
We were blessed with calm winds, sunny skies and warm temperatures for our first several days. Layering on the sunscreen and wearing long sleeves to protect ourselves from the sun were a must.

Our favourite moments of this first section of the trip were evening swims in the ocean and sightings of Transient Killer whales, paddling everyday and exploring new coastline by kayak.
Our bodies are still getting into the groove of kayaking, hauling up our kayaks, moving all the camping, filming and paddling gear twice a day.


Connecting with people
Over the course of the first nine days we were fortunate to connect with a handful of amazing and interesting people along the way. We feel honored to receive so much support, whether it is people letting us enter their homes to use their wash rooms or giving us a hand with carrying our dry bags and boats.
When we arrived in Powell River after what felt like an enormously long day, Nick, Rob, John and Barbara from B.C. Marine Trails Network welcomed us on the beach – we had no idea they were camping here as well. It was so enriching to meet kayaking fellows and trade stories!
On Cortes Island we met up with Sheri and Bill, two inspiring activist who are spear heading “Communities Protecting Our Coast”, a formation of dedicated people bringing environmental issues to the table and organizing community events, such as movie screenings and talks.


Crossing Malaspina Strait
On this windy day (15-20 knots) we attempted to cross over from Texada to Powell River twice, but the conditions wouldn’t allow us to pull through with our plan. After heading back to the sheltered waters of Blubber Bay, we discussed our options and decided to take the ferry over to Powell River instead. After making this safety call, the operation of unloading boats and maneuvering them up to the ferry dock went very smoothly and we made it to the campground later on that evening.


Change in intertidal zone
The further we head north, the richer the intertidal zones seems to become. We now see more starfish, urchins, sea cucumbers and different kinds of algae compared to the waters of the Gulf Islands. We were even lucky to spot some moon snails!

Rest days on Quadra Island
We just arrived on Quadra Island after nine days of paddling and are happy to now spend two rest days here at the campground in Heriot Bay. Here we will resupply and recharge our electronics and ourselves. Tomorrow we are teaming up with two people who mean a lot to us and will join us for leg 2 to Port McNeil.


4 thoughts on “Leg 1 – And so it begins (Salt Spring Island to Quadra)”

  1. Great report. It takes some time to get into the swing of things. Most people think such trips are a series of relaxing days and nights when they are quite the contrary. From extended solo canoe trips I found that there was little relaxation in a day. When not paddling, one is unloading, setting up, taking down and repacking to paddle yet again and always on gaurd for the unexpected. Breaks are essential as is consuming enough calories each day. My first trip I lost 20 pounds in 25 days….eat!
    Take care and be safe, good call on the ferry ride.


  2. Awesome girls!! Great job. I can’t stop thinking on how this will change your lives. No matter what comes after this, you can be so proud of yourselves and feel so fulfilled. Much love and stay safe! Hella.


  3. Best of luck to you ladies! Come visit us on the north end of Ketchikan in Knudson Cove, we are the big red barn boathouse with all the kayaks! We’re happy to offer you a warm meal/shower, ride to town, place to stay and the company of our guide staff! And receive any mail for you too(37 Potter Road Ketchikan, AK 99901) .


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